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      As you enter your room by the grand interior staircase, the ceiling fan gives the air a 
      lazy stir... 
                                                     THE AMISH FIREPLACE ROOM
                                                                     THE VICTORIAN HONEYMOON ROOM
                                                                                             both offer seclusion with   
   Private hot tubs    Private entrances
   Private fireplaces    Private TVs/VCRs
   Private baths    Ceiling fans
   Private balconies    In-room refreshments
                                   After a good nights's sleep, join the innkeepers in the vaulted Candlestick Room...
served on crystal and china
Four course Breakfast
Fresh Pineapple Served on the Husk
Stuffed French Toast-Stuffed with Cream Cheese and Walnuts
Served with local Amish Maple Syrup
Rasberry Rouser
Amish Rolls
Hazelnut Coffee
           Eat Fireside in the Candlestick Room.